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Industry First 3-in-1 Waveform Generator Debuts

New Portable Tektronix AWG4000 Meets a Wide Range of Signal Generation Needs - From Simple AFG to Complex Sequenced Waveforms

BEAVERTON, Ore. May 24, 2016 - Tektronix, a leading worldwide provider of measurement solutions, today introduced the industry's first 3-in-1 arbitrary waveform generator, the AWG4000 Series. With basic, advanced and digital modes, the portable signal generator can be easily shared across design teams and can meet a wide variety of signal generation needs ranging from radar and wireless communications to embedded systems design and research applications.

For a wide range of modern electronics designs, engineers need to generate frequently used waveforms in an easy manner with little to no set up, but they may also need to generate more complex waveforms with many degrees of flexibility. For example, the signal could be as simple as a clock with constant frequency in an embedded design, or as complex as a mix of modulated waveforms in parallel with digital patterns in radar and communications designs. The AWG4000 Series is the first waveform generator with the flexibility to meet such a broad set of requirements.

"Modern designs increasingly involve multiple domains - analog, digital and RF. Tektronix is already meeting this need with our mixed domain oscilloscopes," said Mike Flaherty, general manager, Bench Instruments, Tektronix. "Now with the AWG4000 Series we are bringing the same level of innovation and versatility to signal generation, making it easier for designers to get the answers they need in less time and with increased precision."

As a signal generator AWG4000 is up to nearly any task. It offers 2 analog channels, up to 2.5GS/s sampling rate, 750 MHz bandwidth, 14-bit vertical resolution, up to 64 Mpt/ch arbitrary memory, sequence with up to 16,384 entries, and 32-bit digital channels. Many of the specifications can be upgraded in the field, including memory and digital outputs.

In contrast to many AWGs that are designed to be rack mounted only, the AWG weighs in at less than 15 pounds and incorporates a 10.1-in. touch screen. Portability is an important consideration for labs that need to share equipment across design teams in order to conserve budget and must move instruments from bench to bench.

For simple tasks, the AWG4000 offers a basic arbitrary/function generation (AFG) user interface for generating function and arb waveforms with a minimum number of button clicks and a shallow menu hierarchy on the 10.1-in. touch screen. For more complicated tasks, the instrument offers an advanced Windows-based user interface that can be used to generate complex sequences and modulated signals in parallel with digital outputs. Signal generation tools such as RFXpress or Matlab can also be installed locally to help users easily create the signals they desire.

The AWG4000 is also well-suited for manufacturing or advanced research applications where synchronization and communication across instruments is needed. Up to six AWG4000s can be synchronized via a dedicated synchronization interface that provide precise timing between units.

Pricing & Availability
The AWG4000 Series is available now. Pricing starts at $34,900 US MSRP. For more information please visit:

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