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Remotely Measure and Analyze 32 Oscilloscope Channels with MultiScope

Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Remember in Power Rangers when each of the rangers’ mechs would come together to form the Megazord? We have a new software feature that functions similarly for our oscilloscopes.  On their own our 5 and 6 Series oscilloscopes can each have 8 channels. But if you connect four 8-channel scopes through our Multi-Scope software, you can view, control, and analyze data in real-time from 32 channels. 4 …


TBS1000C bench oscilloscope
How to choose the best oscilloscope Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Oscilloscope bandwidth System bandwidth determines an oscilloscope’s ability to measure a signal. Specifically it determines the maximum frequency that the instrument can accurately measure. Bandwidth is also a key determining factor in price. Determine what you need – use the ‘five times rule’ For example, a 100 MHz oscilloscope is usually guaranteed to have less than 30% attenuation at 100 MHz …
TBS1000C bench oscilloscope
What is an oscilloscope? Tuesday, May 11, 2021
An oscilloscope, formerly known as an oscillograph, is an instrument that graphically displays electrical signals and shows how those signals change over time. It measures these signals by connecting with a sensor, which is a device that creates an electrical signal in response to physical stimuli like sound, light and heat. For instance, a microphone is a sensor that converts sound into an …
新一代内存DDR5怎样改变现状 Monday, May 10, 2021
从增强现实到人工智能、云计算再到物联网,5G正在燃爆新技术增长,同时也在燃爆它们生成的数据量。数据量越来越大,随之而来的是存储和快速访问需求,DDR5之类的技术变得空前重要。数据中心需要持续存储、传送和处理这些数据,推动着高速信令的极限,也给内存带来了前所未有的测试挑战。   具体有哪些变化? DDR5与DDR4差别很大,实际上更像LPDDR4。DDR5带来9个变化: 速度更快! 第一个,也是最重要的一个,数据速率达到6.4 Gbps,而DDR4最高只有3.2Gbps。规范中还有一条,在未来几年内把速度上限推高到8 Gbps以上。通道结构与LPDDR4类似,ECC中也有两条独立的40位通道。还有更高的预读取、更高的突发长度和更高的行列组,这些都提高了效率,实现了高速模式。 .   …
USB cable
了解最新USB4标准测试要求和挑战 Saturday, May 8, 2021
自1996以来, 通用串行总线(USB) 已经成为采用最广泛的串行接口。最新版USB标准USB4™于2019年发布,带来了各种新的挑战,如信号完整性、设备控制、测试时间提高等等。   最新USB4标准引入了16种新的预置值,也就是说,发射机均衡现在有16种不同的组合。较USB 3.2发射机,这是一个很大的变化,前者支持1个前冲电平和3个加重电平。USB4采用双重角色数据操作,使主机到主机通信成为可能。USB4接收机测试和链路/通路初始化中的巨大差异之一,是它采用边带通道进行通信。USB4接收机测试不同于传统 USB 3. 2接收机测试。现在,USB4接收机测试采用机载误码计数器,来计算BER,因此我们现在需要USB4微控制器,来同时执行发射机测试和接收机测试。 此外,在USB4中,我们要参考路由器主机或路由器设备组件通道预算 …
Oscilloscope probe connected to a DUT
What is an Oscilloscope Probe? Monday, May 3, 2021
An oscilloscope probe is a device that makes a physical and electrical connection between a test point or signal source and an oscilloscope. Depending on your measurement needs, this connection can be made with something as simple as a length of wire or with something as sophisticated as an active differential probe. Essentially, a probe is some sort of device or network that connects the signal …
Types of signal generators
Types of signal generators Wednesday, April 28, 2021
A signal generator is an analog or digital device that engineers use to create electronic signals when testing circuit designs. There are many different types of signal generators with diverse features and applications. Below are the most common types of signal generators and the unique capabilities of each. Waveform or function generators Waveform generators produce electrical waveforms over a …
An engineer testing power integrity with a Tektronix oscilloscope
测试电源和信号完整性时需要解决的5个关键问题 Wednesday, April 28, 2021
使用基于示波器的解决方案来测试电源和信号完整性存在一些测试挑战,必须考虑并解决这些测试挑战才能获得最佳性能。 首先让我们定义一下什么是电源和信号完整性。信号完整性(SI)分析集中在发射机、参考时钟、信道和接收机在误码率(BER)方面的性能。电源完整性(PI)侧重于电源分配网络 (PDN) 提供恒定、干净的电源和低阻抗返回路径的技术。SI和PI具有广泛的相互依赖性。PDN会引起噪声和抖动。电路设计和组件,如芯片封装、引脚、导线、过孔、连接器等,会影响PDN的阻抗,从而影响供电质量。 我们知道,从电源引入噪声和抖动会导致高速串行网络中的误码率,这至少会降低嵌入式系统的效率。在最坏的情况下,可能会导致在关键任务环境中出现错误比特或错误的数据。 电源完整性不仅仅是将电压保持在适当的范围内。电源完整性是确保应用于电路或设备的电源适合于电路或设备的预期性能 …
The Keithley 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer from Tektronix
4200A-SCS参数分析仪简化 BioFETs DC I-V表征的四种方式 Wednesday, April 28, 2021
业界在基于半导体的生物传感器中的研发投入一直很多,因为其成本低,反应快,检测准确。特别是基于场效晶体管的生物传感器或者bioFETs,被广泛用于各种应用,比如生物研究、即时现场护理诊断、环境应用,甚至食品安全。 bioFET把生物反应转换成分析物,再把分析物转换成使用DC I-V技术可以测量的电信号。 可以通过很多方式在bioFETs上进行DC I-V测试。最简便的方式是使用多个源测量单元(SMUs),SMU是一种同时提供和测量电流和电压的仪器。吉时利4200A-SCS参数分析仪可以通过四种方式,帮助您简便地测试bioFETs的电气特点。 集成和测量同步多个SMUs吉时利4200A-SCS参数分析仪融合了在基于FET的生物传感器上进行DC I-V测试所需的全部相关硬件和软件。参数分析仪可以自动同步最多9台SMU,与单独使用多台仪器相比,可以节省大量的设置和配置时间 …
Keithley source measure unit with I-V curve tracer functionality alongside the original I-V curve tracer system from 1955.
Curve Tracer vs. I-V Curve Tracer Software Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Tektronix introduced the industry’s first curve tracer in 1955 to display characteristic curves for vacuum tubes, followed over the years by models for testing transistors, diodes and other solid-state devices. Tektronix curve tracers such as the 576 (below) and 370A/370B went on to broad industry acceptance until production eventually stopped in the mid-eighties. Approximating a power supply and an oscilloscope packaged in the same box, curve tracers source voltage while plotting voltage vs. current.

Chamber for an EMC/EMI precompliance test
The Financial Case for an EMI/EMC Pre-Compliance Test Solution Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Failing EMI compliance testing can be a design engineer’s worst nightmare. Additional compliance testing costs, external lab testing, debug engineering time, and in some cases, board spins can add significant costs and time delays to your project. Unfortunately, for companies new to EMI/EMC, estimating compliance testing cost can be somewhat challenging. In this blog, we’ll provide information on …