MPEG-2 / MPEG-4 / H.264

MPEG-2 标准扩展将 H.264 并作 MPEG-2 传输码流 (ES) 的一个附加基本码流 (ES),使 H.264 为广播公司及网络运营商所使用和吸引。 这种转变为开发 H.264 变体的设备制造商带来挑战,因为虽然 H.264 能够提供两倍于 MPEG-2 的压缩效率,但处理复杂度也同时加倍。 泰克能够支持端到端的 H.264 解决方案,包括了设计、部署和管理这三个主要阶段。

MPEG-2 传输码流技术在多种应用中继续广泛使用,包括下一代压缩 H.264 或 MPEG-4 编码器。 设备验证和调试/分析可能涉及到 MPEG-2 TS 测试以及基本码流数据的评估。


DTV 系统中的关键 RF 测量

在各种不同类型的数字电视传输系统中,为了自始至终提供可靠的高质量的服务,最重要的就是必须关注那些对系统的完整性可能有所影响的各种因素。在这本应用文章中,介绍了这些关键的RF 测量参数,它有助于我们在觉察到服务水准和图象质量降低之前就能检测出系统中的潜在问题。

A Layman's Guide to PCR Measurements

Program Clock References (PCRs) provide the means for a digital TV receiver to lock its decoded video output to the video source present at the input to an encoder. The subject of PCR measurement is often misunderstood. This technical brief describes impairments that affect the PCR and appropriate..



A Guide to MPEG Fundamentals and Protocol Analysis

MPEG is one of the most popular audio/video compression techniques because it is not just a single standard. Instead, it is a range of standards suitable for different applications but based on similar principles. MPEG is an acronym for the Moving Picture Experts Group.

Troubleshooting Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) issues in Video Service Provider Networks

Learn the benefits and faults of the two most common test methods for troubleshooting video signal problems and the critical capabilities needed in an MPEG analyzer.

Vclips 常见问题

Vclips是未压缩视频(即"原始视频" )和已压缩视频的组合,它是为视频压缩开发人员和测试人员而设计的。



Using Triggered Video Capture to Improve Picture Quality

Today's video transmission methods depend on compressed digital video to deliver the high-volume of video data required. This creates a need for an easy, reliable, consistent test method to guarantee Video Quality of Service to the end user.


免费下载泰克公司的数字视频广播海报,从中您可以了解有关ISO/IEC 13818-1 和 ETSI EN 300 468 国际标准的相关信息。

Testing the MPEG2 Transport Stream

The protocols involved in iTV are very complex. A full understanding of them is necessary, not only to ensure that iTV can be delivered in a flexible way, but in a way that provides the responsiveness that a consumer expects and ultimately pays for.


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