Compliance testing for electronics enclosures

Tektronix is your trusted service provider for National Electrical Manufacturer Association (NEMA) TS-1, TS-2 and TS-4 compliance testing. NEMA standards ensure that electronic enclosures like traffic control cabinets are resistant to elements like water, oil, and dust. Tektronix is a member of the Federal Department of Transportation's approved vendors list.


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Types of NEMA Compliance Testing Available

  • Controller Unit Tests
  • Non-Destruct Transient Immunity
  • High-Repetition Noise Transients
  • Low-Repetition High-Energy Transients
  • Input-Out Terminal Transients
  • Power Service Transients
  • Power Interruption Tests
  • Shock (Impact) Test
  • Temperature, Voltage, and Humidity Transients
  • Vibration Test
NEMA Testing Services

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