WLAN 测试和分析 (IEEE 802.11) 测试和分析

加速并简化对 802.11 无线局域网设备的测试和分析

不论您在测试新的芯片组、设计新的无线模块还是将 WLAN 模块集成到最新设计中,泰克的 Wi-Fi 物理层 (PHY) 测试解决方案都能帮您完成工作并更快地将新设计推出市场。

阅读下面的信息,更详细了解 WLAN 测试 的最佳做法、 成功进行预一致性测试 的步骤以及泰克解决方案如何帮助您第一次就通过性能测试和一致性测试。







轻松进行802.11 Wi-Fi测试


How to Select your Wi-Fi Module

When you search for a Wi-Fi module for your application, there are many different kinds of solutions to choose from.  Read this guide on best practices for selecting the optimal Wi-Fi chipset or module for integration.

Spectrum Pre-compliance for Wireless LAN Regulatory Testing

This application note outlines the typical design cycle of using a prepackaged WLAN module and the potential pitfalls.



I-Q 调制器的基带响应检定

本应用指南阐述了导致调制误差的来源的简单原理,以及怎样检定I-Q 调制器,校正这些误差的详细步骤。您将了解可以怎样使用任意波形发生器(AWG) 和混合域示波器(MDO) 测量基带频响、单边带抑制、幅度误差和相位误差以及互调制性能。

了解如何使用由 SignalVu-PC 软件提供支持的、由 PC 控制的 RSA607A 实时频谱分析仪,根据 IEEE 802.11…


观看此视频,了解如何使用 RSA607A 和 SignalVu-PC 软件执行辐射 EMI 一致性预测试,以确保您的设备符合 WLAN IEEE 802.11…


View this video on troubleshooting Wi-Fi modules with an MDO4000C 


Get RF analysis power in the palm of your hand at an unmatched price with the…


Make sure you’re getting good signal strength from your wireless LAN device by…


Neat and compact, the RSA600 USB Spectrum Analyzers works with your laptop or PC…


Learn how to perform a parametric test covered by the ZigBee standard, including…


Get the full featured spectrum analyzers you need in one small, low price package…


It’s useful to ensure that your ZigBee Radio RF module is turning on correctly…


Internet of Things trend is driving the incorporation of wireless into a…

Navigating the Road to WiGig

This webinar features Tektronix expert, Dorine Gurney, sharing her insights on the key factors to consider when performing transmitter testing to IEEE 802.11ad. 

Wi-Fi Pre-Compliance Measurements

If you’re integrating a WLAN radio into your design, you probably have questions on how to pass compliance tests for FCC regulations. Surprisingly, only 1 in 10 engineers pass the first time. And failing is expensive and translates to project delays.

Now our new 1-hour webinar is here with the answers you need. With its overview of today’s regulatory standards including tips for simple and easy modulation analysis, this webinar provides the insight and preparation elements you need to pass compliance testing the first time.  Join the webinar to learn about:

·         Common spectrum compliance standards

·         Resolving integration issues for WLAN radios

·         How to use an MDO4000 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope to test for transmit power, occupied bandwidth, mask test of spectrum emissions and spurious emissions

Although passing your compliance test on the first try isn’t easy, it’s not impossible. Watch this webinar to learn more.

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