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Tektronix calibration
了解第三方设备维修服务的风险 Monday, March 6, 2023
您投资的 Tektronix 和 Keithley 测试和测量设备——示波器、频谱分析仪、函数发生器和其他敏感设备——旨在达到最高标准。该设备提供的测量和性能结果必须可靠、准确和一致。因此,当涉及到维修服务时,您需要考虑第三方维修服务提供商可能带来的风险。 一直以来,像泰克这样的原始设备制造商 (OEM) 能提供更兼容、更全面的维修服务 – 使用泰克正品零件,包括经过工厂认证的校准,可以获得质量保障。泰克还会验证和安装任何适用的可靠性修改,并提供软件/固件更新,使您的仪器能持续按照设计预期出色地运行。我们的 Tektronix 服务地点在严格的质量管理体系下运营,并经过行业认可的组织的审计和认证。选择 Tektronix 作为您的服务提供商将使您高枕无忧,因为您的设备将由经过认证的服务地点的顶级技术人员进行维修。 实际上,使用第三方维修服务存在一些风险,非 OEM …
Service and calibration solutions from Tektronix
Calibration Standards – What to Look for in 2022 Friday, October 28, 2022
Industry specific calibration standards can change periodically, and this year is no exception. In this blog, we’ll discuss what’s new and what’s changed with calibration standards.  Background Before diving into recent changes, let’s first take a look at the American Standards Z540.1 & Z540.3 along with international standard ISO/IEC 17025. ANSI – representing American National Standard Institute …
2022 Calibration Service Trend Survey
Key Insights from the First Ever Tektronix 2022 Calibration Services Trend Survey Friday, March 25, 2022
As the global leader in test and measurement, Tektronix, Inc., is making available its first ever 2022 Calibration Services Trend Survey. The newly published survey highlights the key issues facing calibration program managers and identifies the current trends, beliefs, and needs for calibration services in 2022. Tektronix conducted market research with nearly 300 respondents from a wide variety …
Calibration Contract Renewal
5 Metrics to Consider When Renewing Your Calibration Services Contract Friday, March 18, 2022
When it’s time to renew your contract with a calibration services provider, there are several important factors to consider. Cost is obviously a major component of a contract, but service levels and calibration quality vary greatly from provider to provider. That’s why it’s vital that your calibration contract negotiations are treated as far more than just a procurement exercise.  It’s more …
OEM and 3rd Party Calibration Services
Understanding the Differences Between OEM and 3rd Party Calibration Services Thursday, September 9, 2021
When it comes to calibrating your Tektronix test and measurement equipment, such as oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, function generators, and other sensitive test and measurement equipment, there are several factors to consider in terms of quality, procedures, service levels, and more.  Typically, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like Tektronix will provide a more comprehensive level of …
Maximizing the Efficiency of Your Internal Calibration Lab with Tektronix
Maximizing the Efficiency of Your Internal Calibration Lab Wednesday, July 21, 2021
In mission-critical industries such as aerospace, healthcare, automotive, and others where human lives are at stake, properly calibrated electronic test and measurement equipment can be the difference between life or death. For many organizations that have in-house calibration labs, stakeholders rely on the calibration lab to be a source of truth when it comes to accurate calibrations and safety …
Tektronix calibration services
Four Tips for Passing Calibration Audits Tuesday, October 27, 2020
When it comes to manufacturing, quality is usually of utmost importance. This is especially true for industries such as aerospace, automotive, healthcare, aviation, and those where human lives are on the line. We’ve previously blogged about the difference between Standard Calibration (ANSI/NCSL Z540.1) and 17025 Accredited Calibration, and considerations for choosing a calibration provider. While …
Tektronix equipment calibration
Active Exchange Delivers Effortless Equipment Management Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Making sure that your workforce has the equipment and tools they need to get their job done can be fraught with difficulty (and headaches)! If this responsibility falls to you then I’m sure you are aware of the challenges it presents. Just ask yourself these four questions: Does your team send in equipment according to required service intervals? Do your calibration and maintenance …
Tektronix remote service vehicle with remote service employee
选择正确的服务交付选项 Friday, September 11, 2020
我们的设备校准客户执行任务关键型工作。从确保救生医疗设备能够正常运行或者为气象服务和通信系统提供基础设施,到为我们的国家安全和国防提供支持。在对设备进行校准时,选择正确的服务交付选项能够节省时间,并减少对操作的干扰。 泰克为泰克和吉时利设备以及 9,000 多种其他品牌的仪器提供多个校准交付选项,包括: 本地服务中心 - 27 个北美地点和 18 个国际地点,可提供及时可靠的仪器校准。当地服务中心在中心所在地范围内提供免费上门取件和送货服务,以及广泛的认证范围,这有助于最大限度降低第三方成本。 定期现场服务 - 我们的校准服务技术人员为您提供服务,通过这种方式与您的团队一起计划、管理和执行实地视察,以便一次校准多台设备。使用此选项时,客户可提前计划并避免被迫停止使用设备,从而最大限度地降低对您的设计和生产计划的影响。这也是校准无法移动的灵敏或大型设备的最佳选择。 …
Tektronix strives for excellence in calibration and service visual representation
标准与认可校准以及选择校准提供商的注意事项 Monday, August 10, 2020
涉及设备校准服务时,由于有诸多选项,所以可能难以抉择。鉴于此,我们来分析一下两个最常用的选项,以便更好地理解这些选项的内容,以及何时需要它们。   正确校准的仪器有助于增强设备使用人员的信心。作为校准提供商,我们提供有关仪器性能和状况的信息,并提供一份证书作为每台经校准设备的服务证明。校准证书是仪器校准的正式记录文件,可追溯至美国国家标准与技术研究院 (NIST)。校准证书自身的准确性和完整性可体现校准机构的有效性和可信度。   两个最常用的校准级别是标准校准和认可校准。  首先来快速了解一下两者的定义: 标准校准 (ANSI/NCSL Z540.1) 此服务提供一份带有校准日期和校准截止日期的校准证书。提供可追溯性声明。在证书上确定和报告不符合测试规格(超出公差)的测量参数。   17025 认可的校准 依照 ISO/IEC 17025 …