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MSO/DPO5000 Series vs. LeCroy WavePro 7Zi Fact Sheet

Discovering an Intermittent Pulse

Tektronix MSO/DPO5000B Series

Infinite persistence, stopped after 10 seconds

✔ >250,000 wfms/s maximum waveform capture rate.
✔ Channels represented with different colors or color intensity grading.
✔ Color or grey-scale intensity grading shows frequency of occurrence.
Dedicated RF Acquisition System
LeCroy WavePro 7Zi Series

Infinite persistence, stopped after over an hour

Waveform capture rate not specified for normal operation.
2,500 wfms/s maximum waveform capture rate in WaveStream Fast Viewing mode.
As shown, few glitches or intermittent pulses are captured, even after over an hour.
User Interface Designed For Easy Spectrum Analysis
User Interface Designed For Easy Spectrum Analysis
Dedicated Front Panel Controls
Tektronix MSO/DPO5000B
✔ Per-channel vertical controls.
✔ Wave Inspector® controls make navigation and search easy
✔ Quick front panel access to Math, Reference, Bus Setup, and Measurements.
User Interface Designed For Easy Spectrum Analysis
LeCroy WavePro 7Zi
Multiplexed vertical controls.
✔ Front-panel WaveScan and Zoom/Math position and zoom controls
Math, Reference, Bus Setup and Measurements are all accessed through Windows UI with touchscreen and/or mouse.
Navigation and Search
Tektronix MSO/DPO5000B Series
✔ Wave Inspector® pan/zoom controls for easy navigation through long records.
✔ Search/Mark controls enable you to search for events of interest, mark them, then navigate through the record mark by mark.
✔ Easily copy setups between trigger and search.
✔ Simultaneously search up to 8 types of events.
✔ View captured serial packets in time-stamped protocol event table format.
User Interface Designed For Easy Spectrum Analysis
LeCroy WavePro 7Zi Series
✔ Front panel zoom controls.
Search limited to a single event.
No search events found counter.
No marks (user or automated).
No copying setups between trigger and search.
Serial decode search available, but completely separate from WaveScan.
User Interface Designed For Easy Spectrum Analysis
Digital Debug with MSO
Tektronix MSO5000B
✔ Integrated design, with small probe pods
✔ Main digital sample rate of 500 MS/s, with MagniVu sample rate of 16.5 GS/s.
✔ Per-channel digital thresholds enable analysis of multiple logic families.
✔ Typical channel-to-channel skews <200 ps, and analog-to-digital deskew capability provided
✔ Clocked (state) and unclocked (pattern) logic triggering.
✔ Clocked or unclocked parallel bus decode.
✔ Green trace for logic highs (1), blue trace for logic lows (0).
✔ Channels can be displayed as a bus and/or individual signals.
✔ Up to 16 buses available.
✔ Digital channels can be grouped and/or independently moved on the display
Digital Debug with MSO
LeCroy WavePro 7Zi + MSO adapter
Large external brick form factor, with a bundle of relatively short probe leads.
Digital sample rate varies between models from 1 – 2 GS/s maximum.
Digital thresholds limited to one per 9-channel digital probe pod. Limited ability to analyze multiple logic families.
>1 ns analog-to-digital channel timing skews with no deskew capability affects timecorrelation on the display
No clocked logic trigger.
No clocked parallel bus decode.
No color difference between a logical low and high value.
Channels displayed as a bus waveform or as individual signals, but displaying both consumes 2 of the 4 digital traces.
Maximum of 4 digital traces, including displayed signals. Digital channels must be displayed in hardware order.

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