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Tektronix PA1000 Power Analyzer vs. Zimmer LMG95

User Interface
Tektronix PA1000
  • Color graphics display can show up to 14 measurements, power waveforms, harmonics bar charts, energy integration plots, setup menus - all with context sensitive Help.
Tektronix PA1000
Zimmer LMG95
  • Monochrome display only
  • Does show waveforms and bar charts
key features comparison
Analysis Features & Test Solutions
Tektronix PA1000
Harmonics Analysis – included standard, to 50th harmonic
DUAL current shunts – 20Amp and 1Amp for low current accuracy
PC Software (PWRVIEW) – with setup wizards & test automation
Standards Compliance – Full Compliance for Standby Power per IEC62301 standard
Zimmer LMG95
Harmonics Analysis – included, to 40th harmonic
✗ Single 20 Amp shunt
✗ PC Software – all application SW is optional / extra-cost
✗ Standards Compliance – Compliance test SW for Standby Power is extra cost
Standard & Optional Features: Value Proposition
Tektronix PA1000 (with included PWRVIEW software)

Included in base product:

Instrument with 1MHz bandwidth

✔ Current ranges for measurement from 40µA to 20Arms
✔ Data logging to front panel USB flash drive
✔ Data logging to PC running PWRVIEW
✔ Remote PA1000 control from PC running PWRVIEW
✔ Full Compliance Test for IEC62301 Standby Pwr
Zimmer LMG95

Included in base product:

Instrument with 50kHz bandwidth

+ Bandwidth to 500kHz (Option L95-06-1)
+ Current range extended below 150mA (Option L95-08-x) for low current measurements
+ Add comm ports (RS-232,GPIB) (Option L95-01)
(Note: LAN not available, USB not available)

Optional Software:

+ Software TERM-L5 (config & data logging)
+ Software NDL5 (autonomous data logging without PC; requires TERM-L5)
+ Software “CE-Test-Standby”