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KickStart Software Promotional Offer

KickStart Software Free

LIV curves

Get a free 6-month subscription of the KickStart Software Suite with the purchase of eligible DMMs, DAQs, SMUs, AFGs, and Power Supplies.

For a limited time, significantly expand the capabilities of your test bench with 6 months of KickStart Benchtop Test Automation Software included with your hardware purchase. This is the perfect opportunity to gather insights faster and make the decisions you need to move on to the next stage of device development.

What you get:

KickStart Software is designed to simplify the process of instrument setup, data acquisition, and analysis for various types of measurements. In addition, each app has unique features that complement the hardware.

Power Supply App

  • Easy access to control voltage bias and current limit while viewing data from primary measurement instrument in main viewing area.
  • Configure list sweep to automate tests, such as monitoring power consumption or stability of load current.

Data Logger App

  • Quickly configure multi-channel data acquisition instruments.
  • Automatically export data in ready-touse formats for reports and additional analysis - even while test is running.

Precision DMM App

  • Stream millions of readings directly to PC disk media for safe data archival.
  • Automatically export data in ready-to-use formats for reports and additional analysis even while the test is running.

Scope App

  • Three modes of operation enable data capture and datalogging of waveforms, measurements, and screenshots.
  • Supports data retrieval from analog channels of supported Tektronix scopes, as well as from reference and math channels.


  • Ability to control both channels of multichannel AFGs independently.
  • Simplified Waveform Creation: The app provides an intuitive interface for creating and editing arbitrary waveforms. This simplifies the process of generating complex waveforms, including sine waves, square waves, pulse trains, and custom waveforms.

I-V Characterizer App

  • Perform current versus voltage (I-V) testing on a variety of materials and devices
  • Use up to four SourceMeter® SMU instruments in each test.

Drive innovation through faster test & measurement with KickStart Software.

Learn how to redeem this offer now.

Qualifying Products:

Power Supplies
2200-20-5 2260B-250-13
2200-30-5 2260B-250-4
2200-32-3 2260B-30-108
2200-60-2 2260B-30-36
2220-30-1 2260B-30-72
2220G-30-1 2260B-800-2
2230-30-1 2260B-800-4
2230-30-3 2260B-80-13
2230-30-6 2260B-80-27
2230-60-3 2260B-80-40
2230G-30-1 2280S-32-6
2230GJ-30-1 2281S-20-6
Source Measure Units (SMUs)
2400 2604B
2401. 2611B
2410. 2612B
2450 2614B
2460 2634B
2461 2635B
2470 2636B
2601B 2651A
2601B-PULSE 2657A
Arbitrary Function Generators (AFGs)
Data Acquisition Units(DAQs) & Digital Multimeters (DMMs)

Redeeming your FREE 6 Month Subscription:

  1. Purchase an eligible Keithley product.
  2. Shortly after purchase, you will receive an email from Tektronix with a Claim Check which allows for access to TekAMS and your subscription.
    Note: If you didn’t receive an email with a Claim Check, it may be because your email is not on the purchase order. If you have not received an email, please check spam first and then contact your sales representative.
  3. Receive and set up your Keithley product.
  4. Download and install the latest version of KickStart. Go to on your PC and click on Download Free Trial Software.
    Note: You must have a sign-in to access the KickStart software download.
  5. Once you have KickStart installed, open the program, and record your Host-ID. This is your PCs unique identifier. Refer to the KickStart Quickstart Guide.
  6. Access TekAMS to claim your subscription: Sign in to your TekAMS account. Click on Software Licenses on the top menu. An "Unclaimed Claim Check" notification may appear. Click Redeem then return to the Software License page. This only needs to be done once.
  7. Check out license and enter Host-ID from step 5. Download the license file to your PC and open KickStart, select the key icon, select Install License from the Manage License window. Watch this KickStart Licence Magagement video for additional help Kickstart license management.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What pieces of information do I need to license my software?
A. You will need a "claim check" that is emailed to you from Tektronix. Additionally, you will need the Host-ID of the PC you are setting it up on. The Host-ID is generated within the KickStart Licensing Management Tool.

Q: I won’t get my product for a while, should I download and activate the SW?
A. The subscription starts at the time of activation and without your hardware, you may not get the most from your subscription. KickStart has a trial period and can be used for 30 days to help you get acquainted with the tools. There is also a simulation mode you can use to run tests without hardware.

Q: I purchased a Keithley DMM and will use the DMM App, but I also own a Keithley Power Supply. Can I use the Power Supply application?
A. As soon as you activate it, you have access to all the applications which can be used with various supported Keithley instruments or scopes.

Q: Do I get access to the KickStart "Specialty Apps" with the suite?
A. No, the specialty applications are not included in the suite.

Q: I got a new PC or need to switch to another PC and I installed KickStart. Do I need to do anything to transfer my license to the new PC?
A. The subscription licenses are "floating licenses" meaning you can use it on different PCs, but only one at a time. You will need to install KickStart and download your license using the instructions provided on this document.

Q: I had a previous version of KickStart on my PC, can I update that software or do in need to download and reinstall?
A. You will need to install version v2.11.0.

Q: I am getting notified that I am locked out of KickStart apps, what should I do?
A. Kickstart has a robust license protection system to keep your license and data secured. If you are locked out, contact technical support

Terms and Conditions:

This offer applies to qualifying Keithley and Tektronix hardware purchased directly from Tektronix or an Authorized Distribution Partner only.

This program may be combined with other sales promotion/programs. Software license must be activated within 60 days of receipt of hardware. Tektronix reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time. Program ends December 31st, 2023.

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